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Hello World

Quick introduction to myself and my plans for this blog.
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About me

Hey my name is Jonas, I am a 21 years old cybersecurity student and trained software developer.
This blog will be my way to share my knowledge and experiences about my learnings and projects.
I started coding about nine years ago with PHP. For several years, I tried out a lot of different languages like Rust, Go, Kotlin and Dart to list a few. But today I am primarily working with Python, C/C++, JavaScript and Java.

I made my software engineering apprenticeship in a large and well-known company in a very modern and agile software development department. For two years I was working in a team of six developers, one designer and one project manager, and we built a cryptography as a service platform. This project gave me a lot of experience in the field of software development and I learned a lot about cryptography and security. I started to work on my skills in that area and decided that year to study cybersecurity, because I am very fascinated by the topic and our local university finally offers a degree in that field.

About this blog

I plan to publish as often as possible new posts. In October 2022, I will start my studies and I will have a lot of time to write new articles about all that stuff I will learn in the next years.